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The ability to earn a paycheck is your client’s greatest asset. Protect it.

What does your client's world look like if their last paycheck is their last paycheck?

What does your client's world look like if their last paycheck is their last paycheck?

Protect your clients and their futures by initiating the income protection conversation. I can help you with the words you need to start that conversation and to bring them to a place where they understand that they have an insurance blind spot - a need that is important and largely unnoticed or misunderstood.

There is no industry-wide standardized language for disability insurance.

There is no industry-wide standardized language for disability insurance.

It's complex. As a specialist, I provide sales support, product training, competitive analysis, and underwriting advocacy to life and health insurance agents and financial advisors like you. I can help you create a protection plan that is comprehensive and individualized, because every client is unique.

My value-add approach helps me provide a strong foundation for attracting and retaining the type of clients you want and helps you put in place strong protection for them to reduce uncertainty in their lives.

My goal is to set expectations with clients and produce quality underwriting outcomes for you.

Making it Easier to Add More DI to Your Book of Business

Here's what I do for insurance professionals and financial planners looking to incorporate more DI sales in their book of business in a way that is easy for them:
• I attend meetings with your clients, in person, by phone, and by webinar to be the specialist in the room so you don't have to be.
• I examine your client's current disability coverage, both group and individual, and highlight in plain English how the policies work, and what they do and don't do. I can save you time by being your DI specialist.
• If you prefer, I can contact clients directly to take applications and gather info needed for underwriting. I manage and set expectations about possible outcomes so that all parties are informed of what an underwriting decision might look like.
• I handle policy changes and maintenance, and I always make sure forms are completed accurately.
• I run illustrations and guide you on strategy surrounding group and individual coverage amounts and implementation.
• I take producers like you from submission to commission and make it smooth and problem-free.
I'm ready to help you do that. Are you ready? Let's talk. 

“Life is only half the sale.“

Words of wisdom from my mentors and colleagues. If you sell life insurance but don’t continue the conversation into the realm of income protection, let’s talk. I can help get the disability insurance conversation into more of your client interactions. There’s no time like the present to review your book and see who might need this valuable protection. Disability insurance is just like life insurance – you need to buy it when you DON’T need it, because when you DO need it, you CAN’T get it.

Connect with me today and let’s get the conversation started.

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