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Bradley Sparks

Bradley Sparks

Financial Advisor

I moved to Colorado in 2014 to pursue a Graduate Degree in Geophysics. I completed the degree and desired to find a career that best used my interests to help the people around me. I explored teaching, engineering, research, and finances. I found that the best way to use my skills and passions to help others was through educating them on making wise financial decisions.

As a scientist, I had the honor of winning a national research award that recognized the quality of my research in my field of study. I have brought that same level of analysis and thoughtfulness to the work I do with my clients. 

My background and interests in finances, science, and teaching have allowed me to be analytical, objective, and an educational resource in financial matters. I have combined my prior experiences, skills, and passions to bring financial guidance to those in the engineering, research, and scientific communities. I also desire to be a positive presence in the lives of graduating college students as they enter the workforce, and am a resource for multiple student engineering associations at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. I launched a baseball bat making company on the side and also have a passion working with startup and business owners to launch and maintain successful business.

Registered Representative & Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, Financial Representative of Guardian.