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Kathryn “Kat”  Kelly

Kathryn “Kat” Kelly

Financial Professional


Kat specializes in helping business owners navigate this new world, as well as any and all citizens of our great nation, find financial balance in their lives. She helps everyone look for a better way to build their financial future through their own Living Balance Sheet®. Perhaps your parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents were of the generation that said to put your money under a mattress; instead, Kat’s financial strategies can help you save more, build wealth, and help protect your future.  Whether you’re getting started in your career, already established, running a successful business, or ready to retire, it’s never too early to get organized and create a plan of action.

• First, Kat will listen to your objectives, help review the steps you’ve taken so far, and share new approaches you may not have considered.
• Next, Kat will work with you to create and document your priorities, such as helping you protect from the unexpected and helping you build for precisely what you do expect.
Kat worked in the music industry under Herb Brochstein at Pro-Mark Drumsticks from 1991 to 1998 and was known as the “Jack of all Trades” for the company. When making her first business cards, after being with Pro-Mark for only six months, Herb stated it would be easier to list what she did NOT do for the company (running the lathes) rather than what she DID (business organization, mentoring and leadership, working with musicians and artists, providing excellent customer care).
Kat is currently managing her son’s music career and wants to bring the same financial protection to rest of the entertainment industry that she brings to her son. Kat lives in Steamboat Springs, CO, and works with clients in Denver, Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, and throughout the West. Become part of Kat’s Family with Wealth Strategies and let’s make the world a happier place through Arts and Music while planning to live a good life for the rest of our lives.
Financial Representative of Guardian.